The Studio

Pilates exercise is best known to most people as a series of mat-based exercises. However Pilates can also be performed on specialised equipment which uses springs to create resistance against the user’s movement, thus targeting specific muscle groups.

The Human Movement Clinic is equipped with a Rehab Reformer, a Split-Pedal Stability Chair and numerous balance and resistance props that add variety and challenge to Matwork exercises.


I have practiced Pilates with Jo for many years initially seeking her help to rehab a bad back. The one on one sessions are invaluable as the focus is very much on my individual needs and no two sessions are ever the same, though they are always fun. I always come out feeling thoroughly invigorated! Eira M.


The Reformer is the main piece of equipment used in Pilates exercise. The Reformer glides forward and backwards on rollers and uses springs for resistance, along with other attachments, for a wide variety of exercises and positions (i.e. lying down, seated and standing). The unique spring resistance of this machine helps generate smooth muscular contractions that develop strength without bulk. Within a rehabilitation setting, the specialised Rehab Reformer uses the springs and gravity to assist an injured individual to be able to complete moves successfully, aiding a safe recovery. Ultimately by altering the spring tension or increasing the challenge of gravity, an individual may be progressed toward achieving functional movement.

The addition of the vertical frame unit on the Rehab Reformer allows the user to benefit from numerous additional Cadillac exercises and when the mat converter is added, Matwork exercises can also be performed - allowing a complete and functional workout. The Rehab Reformer’s carriage is also higher off the ground than a traditional Reformer making it perfect for rehabilitation movements and to accommodate those with mobility limitations.



Like the Reformer the Stability Chair uses springs to create resistance. The Stability Chair is ideal for those who need to stay in a seated or upright position. The Chair helps rebalance muscles and provides a full-body workout. It also facilitates high-performance exercises for athletes and the very fit.


Training on a Rehab Reformer and Split-Pedal Stability Chair facilitates hundreds of exercise variations, is no-impact (and therefore easy on the joints), allows for modifications for those with injuries/conditions, allows for three-dimensional movement/conditioning, and is suitable for a wide variety of clients (from rehab to pro athlete).



Integrating props into a Matwork or equipment workout adds variety and challenge. A session at The Human Movement Clinic may incorporate work with an Arc Barrel which helps to align and mobilise the spine by fully supporting the body thus allowing multi-dimensional movements and full range of motion.

The studio is also equipped with Fitness Circle® resistance rings, Flex-Bands® and Toning Balls - all of which challenge balance and coordination and help to develop total functional fitness.



Originally starting life as a few lengths of parachute webbing hand-stitched together with rubber boat repair tools, the TRX Suspension Trainer has evolved in to the best in class bodyweight training harness. Every exercise builds true functional strength and improves flexibility, balance and core stability all at once.