What is functional conditioning?

A functional conditioning programme can benefit everybody. From the the highly trained athlete who wishes to improve his or her performance or rehabilitate an injury, through to those individuals who simply wish to play with their children pain free, Pilates could be the form of exercise you have been looking for.

Functional conditioning emphasises movement which involves the interaction of multiple joints and multiple muscle groups. By dissipating forces across multiple joints, individual joints will be less stressed and at less risk of injury. By performing whole body movements like those performed during Pilates, more coordination is required and as a result more muscles are used and joint stability is increased.

Jo makes the sessions interesting, varied and tailored to your needs. It has certainly helped my golf! Sue D.

Introducing CORE™ Athletic Conditioning & Performance Training™

If you are considering adding a Pilates based workout to your existing sport-specific training regime then a CORE™ training programme is for you.

Emphasising functional fitness, targeting core strength and kinesthetics awareness a CORE™ programme results in improvements in total-body strength and power. You'll experience enhanced sports performance by focusing on exercises that improve precision, control, power and agility.

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