Private Pilates Sessions

TRX Suspension Training & Functional Conditioning Programmes

The Human Movement Clinic is a dedicated studio space in Woking that specialises in private, one-to-one Pilates sessions, TRX Suspension Training and Functional Conditioning Programmes.

Pilates is a form of exercise that helps develop optimal posture, strength, flexibility and endurance. The exercises improve core strength, balance the muscles around the joints and improve the way your body functions, looks and feels.

The Human Movement Clinic features STOTT PILATES® equipment including a Rehab Reformer and a Spilt-Pedal Stability Chair. This specialised equipment uses springs and pulleys to create resistance against the user’s movement allowing exercises to be performed safely and effectively whatever an individual’s requirements.

As an accompaniment to your Pilates workouts or as a stand alone session, The Human Movement Clinic offers TRX Suspension Training. The TRX Suspension Trainer leverages gravity and the user’s body weight to perform numerous exercises that result in greater performance and functionality of your body.

Jo has tailored my one to one sessions to address my needs with progressive exercises that are within my capability yet challenging. The pains in my neck, lower back and shoulder which I had suffered with for many years are now less intrusive and frequently absent. My balance, coordination, flexibility and posture are markedly better and I am still seeing further improvements. Thanks to Jo, Pilates has now become an important part of my life and I always look forward to my regular sessions, which with her enthusiastic and motivating teaching style, are fun, fresh and challenging. Ken T.

For more information or to make an appointment please call Jo Arnold on 07879 400 133 or email